SFU: Indonesia: Environmental and Ecological Education 2022

Indonesia , Asia Past Program Education

Duration of Program:

Late February - Mid-March: Mandatory virtual Canvas program

May 5: Date by which we will confirm how program is proceeding. Do not book flights or confirm other arrangements until after this date.

March TBD: Pre-Departure Orientation

June 11 - 12: Pre-departure sessions at SFU Harbour Centre

June 27 - 28: Participants will meet in Jakarta, have 1 night of accommodation, then travel to Manado together.

June 29 - July 24: Study in Manado, Indonesia

These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change

From volcano geology to highland agriculture studies to coral reef ecology, students can look forward to a range of coursework about the environment. With the current trends in sustainable development, the main objective of this field school will be to develop students' perspectives on education and environment through hands-on fieldwork in an international setting. Also, the program introduces methods for promoting environmental and ecological thinking across all grade levels and all subject areas.

This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in education (PDP), specifically exploring the environment in relation to international education. Partnered with Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT), located in the Manado region, students will be studying near the epicentre of marine biodiversity on the planet.

Undergraduate Courses

Option to enroll in both courses for 12 credits or in EDUC 452-8 only.

EDUC 452-8 Environmental Education (Q, B-Sci)
Examines the educational problems entailed in developing human awareness and understanding of the environment. Explores environmental issues through a multi-disciplinary approach and relates historical and contemporary problems in human-environment interactions to school curricula from the elementary to the secondary level. This course is a designated Science breadth course.

Prerequisites: EDUC 401/402 or permission of the instructor

EDUC 493-4 Directed Studies in Environmental Education
A multidisciplinary approach for educators in formal and informal settings with an interest in learning more about environmental issues. Students will consider multiple perspectives on the goals, values and interdisciplinary nature of environmental education; review locally available curricular materials; and obtain a grounding in appropriate models for learning and teaching environmental topics.

Prerequisites: EDUC 452 or permission of the instructor

Graduate Courses

Choose one or both of:

EDUC 857-5: Issues and Topics in Environmental Education

EDUC 7XX (3-5 credits): Directed Readings


To discuss attending preparatory sessions virtually, please contact the Field School Director