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BCSA Contest!

Submit photos, a blog post or a video for your chance to win a GoPro Camera!
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Explore the World through Education


The British Columbia Study Abroad (BCSA) Consortium is a group of BC post-secondary institutions that work together to encourage students to gain international academic experience by offering short term study abroad programs across disciplines and countries around the world.

Go ahead; Make the World Your Classroom!

What are you waiting for? presented by Study Abroad Program Ambassadors at Thompson Rivers University.

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Kyla Oshanek

Humans are dynamic. We are always changing, learning and growing. The person you are after your study abroad experience will likely be different from who you are now. Here are three attributes...


If you have been abroad or are currently abroad, why not share your photos, stories and/or video clips for a chance to win a GoPro Camera?

Slated to launch from September 15 to...

Taken during my solo trip to Isle of Skye, Scotland

Having completed a study semester abroad in England, I was given many travel opportunities during my time there. Overall, I was able to visit 16 different countries over the course of a few months...

The Blog

Malavika Santhosh, Simon Fraser University
Posted by on

Time: 8:20 PM

Location: Vancouver

Setting: An array of black hangers cover the floor, surrounding a beat down suitcase - spread open and decorated from scratches to stickers, representing its lifetime of travels.  In the corner stands a bed with a layer of garments messily thrown into piles of “Maybe”, and “Definitely Not”.  Amidst the chaos sits a twenty-something girl, in awe of her ability to fit her entire life into one luggage which she then has to live out of for the next four months. A hint of nervousness and a whole lot of excitement fills the air.

Tomorrow is the long-awaited day. The day she steps on a flight leaving behind all things familiar to a land of unknown, some 5,000 miles away; destination - Milano, Italy....

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