SFU: Berlin, School for the Contemporary Arts 2022

Germany , Europe Past Program Performing Arts

Duration of Program:

Late-February - mid-March: Mandatory Virtual Canvas Program

April 30th: Date by which we will confirm how program is proceeding. Do not book flights or confirm other arrangements until after this date.

March TBD: Pre-Departure Orientation

May 16 - 27: Preparatory sessions** 

June 1 - July 13: Study in Berlin, Germany

*These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change

**To discuss attending these sessions virtually, please contact the Field School Director.

The SCA's Berlin Field School offers a broad introduction to Contemporary Arts in Berlin and their critical and theoretical context. Founded in the 12th century, Berlin has been both shaped and divided by history. Today, it is once again the capital of Germany, and is recognized as a global cultural hub; a city where history is intertwined with artistic intervention and innovation, and where international visual art, theatre, music, dance, and film thrive. Over six-weeks, a comprehension of the correspondence between the arts and their social, political, and material context will be enriched through simultaneous study, discussion, and experience of art and the urban fabric of this complex city.

For undergraduate students, the program consists of the following three courses totaling 11 or 13 SFU units:

  • Required:
    • CA 308-4: Contemporary Arts Field School I (Theory/History) 
    • CA 309-4: Contemporary Arts Field School II (Studio)
  • Choose one of:
    • CA 305-3: Explorations in Contemporary Arts I
    • CA 405-5: Explorations in Contemporary Arts II
      • CA 405 involves a more extensive project, thus grants more credits.

For graduate students, the program consists of 5 or 10 SFU units:

  • CA 885-5: Studio in Fine and Performing Arts II, Equivalent to Contemporary Arts Field School I & II
  • (optional) CA 889-5: Directed Studies 

The application deadline is January 31st, 2022.