Gigi Lin

By Gigi Lin, Simon Fraser University, winner of the 2017 Stories from Abroad Scholarship.

I have finished the majority of my exams now. I have about two weeks left until I return to Canada to start my co-op term. Reflecting back on the past month and a half, I’ve realized how time really flies on exchange.

The mid-semester break in April was pretty sweet. I was able to travel with friends for the first half, exploring the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, and Prague. We chose Krakow because it is the base of the Aushwitz-Birkeneau Concentration Camp. On our day tour at the camp, we were shown how history unraveled for the Jews; especially those whom were imprisoned and eventually submitted at the hands of the German officers.

This is why I chose to go on exchange. To not only learn of the beauties of each country, but also to understand and see through the eyes of those whom suffered. By doing so, I feel that I am able to better reflect on how sufferings of the past, though undeserved, can aid us, the future generation, understand more of the wrongdoings that mustn’t be repeated. Here is a picture of the building we entered, where the extermination rooms were held.

I then travelled with my mother whom came to visit. We hit up London, Rome, Naples, and Paris. London as a bustling and hustling city, was never dull. Rome and Naples were filled with delicious pasta, seafood, and €2 pizzerias. Paris, the city of love, did not disappoint!

After that, the grind for finals really began. I am enrolled in Investment Banking (MN30209), Advanced Corporate Finance (MN20211), Human Resource Management 1 (MN20291), and Marketing (MN20073). A short snippet of my opinion on each of my courses follows:

  1. Investment Banking (100% final) is an interesting course for those whom want to learn more about the history of the IB industry, private equity, venture capital, LBOs, M&As, and much more. I have enjoyed the material as I was educated more on the quantitative side back home, but lacked the theoretical knowledge.
  2. Advanced Corporate Finance (100% final) is not for the weak-hearted! It entails a lot of personal commitment in readings and also the weekly assignments. If you are strong in the quantitative aspect of finance, this course may be a good starter course leading up to more advanced finance courses required for final years in your undergraduate career.
  3. Human Resource Management 1 (70% final, 30% essay) is an engaging class as Professor Zeynep really wants students to think outside the box and look at the relationship of humans as resources in a company and their productive qualities.

I enrolled in Marketing (100% final) as it is compulsory back home, but it is still a course worth taking if you want to learn more about the interrelationships of advertising, selling, targeting, segmenting, positioning, etc. It focuses on the spectrum ranging from consumer purchasing behavior, to how companies target consumers, to how/why companies should engage in various promotional behaviors in order to distinguish themselves in the industry.

I would definitely recommend contacting Julie, Clare, or Eva in the beginning of the semester for opinions on what courses to enroll in, as they are extremely helpful in registering students in classes and giving suggestions.

I can’t wait to finish my exams! Then, it’ll just be me, Bath, and all the sunshine (I’m hoping for beautiful weather!) as I explore the city from top to bottom, left and right. Here’s a picture of Debbie and I, overlooking Bath, from Alexandra Park. I am glad I was able to take advantage of the sunny day today.

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