By: Georgia Neil Joy Rodgers, North Island College, winner of the spring 2020 BC Study Abroad Scholarship

Study Abroad Destination: Germany

On the plane home from my first study abroad in Orlando, Florida where I was lucky enough to work as an intern for Disney World, I decided that I was going to do another semester abroad. I always had a love for Europe, I had spent 6 weeks there when I was 4, 3 weeks there when I was 16 and a month when I was 17. So why not go back and go to school in a country I haven’t explored yet? My school knew I was interested in another and told me about the small town of Heidelberg in Germany. After a little bit of research, I thought it would be a perfect fit and I was right.

The second I got to Germany I felt at home. Heidelberg is a beautiful and welcoming fairy tale town, with cobble stone streets of Altstadt (Old Town), the view of the castle up on the hill, the Neckar river I could see from my dorm room window. The University of SRH Hoschule Heidelberg was incredible with their international students, we had an extensive orientation where they provided coffee and pretzels (of course) and walked us around campus and even bought us lunch. Every week there was an event for the international students and there were so many fun events on campus. Some of the highlights of campus events were the champagne toast on the tower rooftop patio and the Karneval Fasching costume party! The University campus is not only home to students, but a rehabilitation center for individuals and families adjusting after traumatic changes in their lives.

My everyday life was easy to adjust to German culture partly because I was so excited to be abroad and exploring something new again. One of my favourite things about travelling on my own is pushing my own limits and trying new things. I would do this by introducing myself to strangers and if someone invited me to do something, I would always say yes! Studying abroad is such an incredible way to see yourself grow and learn new things about yourself and the world.

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