Carol Chen, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Carol Chen, British Columbia Institute of Technology, winner of the BC Study Abroad: Stories from Abroad Scholarship

Carol Chen is currently a first-year marketing management student at British Columbia Institute of Technology. When Carol was in high school, she enrolled in a class for marketing and immediately fell in love with the idea of rebranding a service or product to make it more unique. Today, she continues to be the person coming up with creative ideas whether it is for school projects, for the marketing association, and even at her job as a social media coordinator. This is the reason why Carol wants to be part of this trip to Austria and Italy, so she can see how the experts in Europe do their branding. She is extremely thankful for BC Study Abroad for providing her with this opportunity to be part of this journey so not only can she expand her personal knowledge, but she can pass this knowledge on to future students who have that same vision.

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