Myself in Front of the Coliseum

It’s been about a month since I have taken part in my amazing course abroad. In that time we studied art history in Florence and Rome encompassing the Renaissance, High Renaissance, and Baroque art including architecture. What I wanted was to enrich my education and build on subjects I have already studied to some extent. Not only was that achieved but it also was a catalyst in my future goals for education and travel.

In Rome I was also able to experience ancient Roman architecture leading into the Rome we know today. Coming out of the metro station in an entirely modern environment and all of a sudden being in front of the Coliseum is something that I have never experienced over in Canada. In terms of my own artistic practice I now have a better appreciation for the art that is often cast aside as contemporary work is seen as “art for art’s sake”. However, seeing a Caravaggio and understanding his life, the political and religious spheres, and also the reasoning for his styling made me appreciate Baroque art all the more.

What I hope is to continue travelling to areas of the world that are so enriched in this historical artwork that also defines a culture. Within the next two years I hope to return to Europe through another program at Langara College. In addition, now that I have been able to go travelling, I would like to experience Chicago and New York in the near future. For the time being I am happy to be back in Vancouver to begin my position as a Curatorial Assistant for the summer. I’ve found that this experience has also added so much knowledge to my current position, and will be wonderful to take in to the remaining two years of my bachelor’s degree.

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