TRU Field School: Natural Resource Sciences

Belize, Central America and Caribbean Past Program Life Sciences Earth Sciences Agriculture Environmental studies and Forestry

NRSC 4250 is designed to introduce students to the issues, approaches and people involved with natural resource management in a tropical country through experiential learning. Resource sectors that are investigated include animal and plant conservation, the costs and benefits of ecotourism, government policies, cultural resources, industrial development, fisheries, and agriculture. Students gain an appreciation of the problems, solutions and opportunities that confront a developing nation, as well as a broader appreciation of world culture, peoples and ecosystems.

Destination: Belize, C.A.

Date of Trip: April 27 to May 10, 2019

Number of Days: 14 days 

Application Deadline: January 4th, 2019

Course Code: NRSC 4250

Credits: 3 TRU credits

Where: Belize (Monkey Bay Belize)

Who can participate: this course is open to all students. Use an elective towards your program.

Number of spaces: approximately 12 - 14 students

Approximate cost per student: 

What is included: 

To receive the International Mobility Award, each student must:

  • attend the mandatory Pre-Departure
  • attend the mandatory Intercultural Training
  • submit all required documents and waivers to the faculty leading the trip
  • complete all preparatory field school class requirements
To learn more, contact:
Course Website: This course has a Moodle page open for all students to self-enroll and learn more. Key=belize. Review estimated costs, pictures, course syllabus and more.

Additional Resources

Host Field Station in Belize - Monkey Bay

Course Promotional Video