Scholarships and Awards

+ Remes Family Study Abroad Scholarship

*Apply for a roundtrip ticket to your study abroad program destination

Your eligibility to apply for this scholarship is based on the following:

• You hold a Canadian passport or have Permanent Residency status

• You are currently enrolled at a BCSA Consortium Institution

• You are currently enrolled in a study abroad program of 3 months or more, or have applied to study abroad in a program of 3 months or more in the next calendar year (in which case the scholarship will only be awarded upon acceptance into the program of choice)

• It is your first time studying abroad

• You are a student in financial need (please address this in the student essay portion of the application)

How to apply: 

Please download our checklist and email the application requirement materials in one pdf with the subject line reading "Remes Study Abroad Scholarship Application" to info [at]


In return for the roundtrip airfare* the chosen student will need to submit the following to be uploaded onto our BCSA Blog:
•    one 300-400 word blog post (with a photo) pre-departure

•    one 300-400  blog post (with a photo) during their program of study

•    one 300-400 blog post (with a photo) upon their return. 

•    8-10 additional photos upon completion of your program 

•    a short presentation at your home institution once you have returned

Application deadline: September 29, 2014

These photos and posts will be featured on our BCSA, BCCIE and StudyinBC websites and social media pages.

*Scholarship includes a roundtrip ticket in economy class from a major hub city in BC to the major hub city in the exchange destination. Ticket is subject to award space availability and inclusive of all relevant taxes and surcharges. Scholarship recipient should be flexible with the schedule and routing of the flight as it is contingent on the time and place that the student will be studying. The flight cannot be assigned, traded or exchanged for cash. The ticket must be used within one year of the scholarship acceptance date and must be used for travel to and from the study abroad destination.

Please also ask your international advisor or visit your institution's Student Awards and Financial Aid website for more information.

Student Loans

You may be eligible to apply for student loans to support your study abroad experience. Ask a financial advisor at your home institution for further information on student loans.

Budgeting Tips

Studying abroad can be very affordable; it depends on many factors, including your destination, the time of year, your personal spending habits. For example, the cost of living is higher in Western Europe and Australia than in China. You can expect to spend more if you are living in a big city versus living in the countryside. To get a better idea as to what the costs might be the Foreign Currency Exchange Converter offers an easy way to translate foreign costs into Canadian dollars.

Some programs will be more expensive than others, depending on added features, such as meals, accommodation, field trips and tours. 

In addition to asking an advisor and past participants for budgeting tips, make sure to investigate available student discounts offered such as the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Another way to learn about costs and money-saving tips is to read personal reports written by past current or past study abroad students which are available on the study abroad website at your institution. 

There may be external sources of funding available to help you meet the financial requirements of your study abroad experience.