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MILAN – Fashion Capital of the world, DaVInci’s City, and the #1 place the New York Times said you had to visit in 2015 was all mine. It was my new stomping ground, a huge city with daring looks, delectable cuisine, and a language that makes you weak in the knees every time someone smiles and says ciao. Italian culture is based on the idea of romance; years of romance that has created one of the most recognizable cultures through food, fashion and a mesmerizing history. Every person wants to get that authentic feeling. To do this, my advice is to simply…get lost…literally.

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Here at BC Study Abroad, we are excited to announce a brand new program. We have gathered some talented and passionate Writers in Residence to share with students their study abroad experiences and firsthand knowledge and advice about study abroad. Starting in September 2015, we will be featuring stories of their most enlightening adventures.

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