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We are pleased to announce our 2016 Stories from Abroad: British Columbia Study Abroad Scholarship Winners!. Congratulations to:

  1. Camille James, Vancouver Island University
  2. Garrett Lakey, College of New Caledonia
  3. Kira Daley, Langara College
  4. Kyla Oshanek, Camosun College
  5. Malavika Santhosh, Simon Fraser University
  6. Shelby Anderton, Douglas College

Be sure to check out our student blog section regularly as our winners will be posting about their experiences abroad!

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Today I finished the last exam of my study abroad semester. I have three more weeks in the lovely city of Berlin and I can’t help but have all types of strong emotions. In Berlin, I found out who I really am, what I’m looking for, what I can’t stand, and what I wish to have. In Berlin, I found out what true happiness is. Most importantly, in Berlin, I found out how amazing it is to have a simple life.

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Travel days are sometimes so full of new sights, sounds, physical and emotional changes, that it's hard to imagine that the morning was part of the same day as the evening. Today was one of those.

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