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After 51 days through 2 different countries, 6 beautiful cities across 2 different time zones by trains, planes, automobiles and boats- it is true to say; there’s no place like home. It feels like everything at home is exactly how I left it- except for me. To say that my time in Asia was “life changing” is an understatement but I suppose that phrase will have to do. 

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Turkey! The land of Turkish delights, the Blue Mosque, and the most delicious food I have ever eaten. When my study abroad adventure began in Milan, I was eager to explore the bustling countries that we so frequently see on our device screens. The Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, and the Coliseum were just a few of the “must see” landmarks that were constantly being pushed on me. They are magnificent, however I wanted to go on an adventure away from tourists.

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