Kayla Schofield
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It is hard to prepare yourself for a different culture because you never really know what you are going to get. Before travelling to the Philippines, I did research, but it did not come close to preparing me for the culture shock I was about to experience.

Upon arriving in the Philippines, the weather was hot and humid, which was expected. We gathered our things and proceeded to climb into a van with our entire luggage. I was definitely not prepared for the scariest drive of my life! In the Philippines, drivers and motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic, sometimes travelling at high speeds on the very crowded roads.

After settling in, we explored the neighbourhood. I never imaged that we would see the roads littered with garbage and so much pollution in the air. I have heard from...

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Nicolas Zdunich
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MILAN – Fashion Capital of the world, DaVInci’s City, and the #1 place the New York Times said you had to visit in 2015 was all mine. It was my new stomping ground, a huge city with daring looks, delectable cuisine, and a language that makes you weak in the knees every time someone smiles and says ciao. Italian culture is based on the idea of romance; years of romance that has created one of the most recognizable cultures through food, fashion and a mesmerizing history. Every person wants to get that authentic feeling. To do this, my advice is to simply…get lost…literally.

Armed with only my iPod and a comfy pair of shoes I would start the trek around the city with no destination or route in mind. Once you are out of the way of famous monuments and stumble upon streets with names...

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New York City. What an extraordinary city for art lovers. Art is everywhere, from museums to galleries, in the streets, subways and parks. It's a heady mix.

We're staying in the Williamsburg area, a neighborhood alive with art vibes. Everywhere I walk the walls are blanketed with paintings and pasted works. We are lucky to be here for an important weekend, Bushwick Studio Days, where hundreds of artists open their studios and gallery spaces to the public over two days. Located in an old industrial area, there are many inexpensive studios, spacious and open with lots of natural light from large windows, my dream studios. Hundreds of people wander the streets, music and conversation bubble over. Market vendors sell their wares. Some galleries are even created inside rented U-Haul trucks. It'...

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Marisa Vasquez
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Here at BC Study Abroad, we are excited to announce a brand new program. We have gathered some talented and passionate Writers in Residence to share with students their study abroad experiences and firsthand knowledge and advice about study abroad. Starting in September 2015, we will be featuring stories of their most enlightening adventures.

We believe that travel is one of the keys to a well-rounded, globally-minded education. The program is intended to provide a space for students to learn from those who have been abroad. So stay tuned for some amazing stories, and be prepared to get inspired!

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