SFU: London & Lake District Field School: English 2020

United Kingdom , Europe Past Program Interdisciplinary

Duration of Program:

February 28 - March 11: Mandatory Canvas Program

March 12: Pre-Departure Orientation Session

May 11 - June 4: Sessions in SFU (Burnaby/Vancouver)

June 7 - June 29: Study in London

June 29 - July 8: Study in Lake District (Grasmere) 

These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change.


The London & Lake District Field School will focus on the explosion of literary and visual culture that was centered in the British capital and that also emerged in the English Lake District during the Romantic period, from the late 18th to the early 19th century. The Field Work courses will be multidisciplinary, allowing students to engage both critically and creatively with the literature and art, cultural and natural spaces we will be visiting in Vancouver, London, and the Lake District. The Field School will organize excursions to museums, galleries, buildings, monuments, libraries, and other public spaces, and will liaise with international institutions including the Vancouver Art Gallery, British Museum, National Gallery, and the Wordsworth Trust, to provide custom-designed workshops to facilitate direct engagement with historical artifacts. Most of our time in Vancouver will be spent in lectures and discussions to prepare us for the extensive excursions and touring we will be doing in London and the Lake District.

This Field School credits 12 SFU units. 

  • ENGL 376 (4) Directed Studies - Colonial Romanticism 
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  • ENGL 377 (4) Field School I - The Wordsworth Circle 
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  • ENGL 378 (4) Field School II - Romantic Visual Culture 
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