SFU Field School: France English 2019

France, Europe Past Program Literature

The France Field School will spend eight weeks in summer 2019 studying travel and expatriate literary culture in Paris, Tours, and surrounding cities. Through a range of coursework and excursions to museums, galleries, monuments, and more, students will have the opportunity to learn about some of the most exciting international cultural exchanges of the modern period.

The field school includes two upper-division courses in English literature and, in partnership with the Université de Tours, offers a French oral practice and conversation course that will allow students to develop their French- language skills and deepen their appreciation of the linguistic exchanges central to those moving across regions and cultures.

Students should expect a moderate level of walking and touring as part of the program. Please speak with the Field School Director if you have any questions. 

Field School Director: Dr. Colette Colligan, ccolliga@sfu.ca

The program will consist of the following three courses for a total of ten SFU units. Eight units will be regular SFU courses, and two units will be transferred from the Université de Tours as exchange units following successful completion of the program (visiting students will transfer this credit directly from Université de Tours to their home institution, rather than applying it to their SFU record). Students who need additional units to maintain scholarship eligibility during the field school term can contact the Field School Director directly at ccolliga@sfu.ca

ENGL 377-4: Crossroads of Modernity

Major nineteenth and twentieth-century writers, artists, and intellectuals from around France and the world came to the French capital to participate in the cultural and social movements of modernity. France was an important meeting place for the international development and diffusion of Romanticism, Orientalism, Naturalism, Impressionism, Decadence, and Surrealism. Drawing on the rich gallery, museum, and library resources in France, we will look at some of the most famous of these international exchanges. Topics might include Wilde and the French decadents; James and the impressionists; Picasso, Stein, and Cubism; McKay and negritude; Nabokov and "the Parisian moment;" Gallant and the Canadian short fiction. Some of the literature we will study will be in translation, one of the turbines of internationalism past and present. Assignments will consist of fieldwork, oral presentations, and various forms of written work, often in digital environments.

ENG 378-4: Midnight in Paris

Writers and publishers such as Gertrude Stein, Anita Loos, James Joyce, Sylvia Beach, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, and Ernest Hemingway came to Paris in the 1920s and 1930s to take advantage of the literary and social infrastructures already in place as well the incredible liberties of expression to produce some of the most experimental and controversial literature in the English language. In this course, we will focus closely on ‘‘the Paris moment'' in Anglo-American culture, when the City of Light became an important outpost of Anglo-American modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, and homosexual and queer culture, as well as a tourist hotspot. We will explore this fascinating period of expatriate cultural flourishing through a few different critical lenses and against the backdrop of the interwar years, transatlantic relations, and publishing history. Assignments will consist of fieldwork, oral presentations, and various forms of written work, often in digital environments.

FREN 1XX-2 or FREN 2XX-2: French Oral Practice and Conversation

Students will be enrolled in a French language oral practice and conversation course at the Université de Tours in Tours, France. Students will need to take a placement test in order to determine their level. Upon successful completion of the course at Universite de Tours, SFU students will be awarded either FREN 1XX-2 or FREN 2XX-2 on their SFU record. These courses will appear as exchange credit on the SFU transcript. Students visiting from other institutions must arrange for transfer credit from the Universite de Tours directly with their home institution.

Students might be interested in a French course at SFU in the Spring 2019 semester before they leave for France. There are language courses for all levels. A placement test is available (takes 5 or 10 minutes) prior to enrolment or in the first week of classes for students unsure of their level. The French Department advisors would be able to help students with any questions they might have.


February 7th - 11th (exact date TBD) Acceptance Session
March 6 - 20 Field School 101 Online Canvas Program (mandatory)
March 21  Pre-departure Orientation
May (first two weeks) Classes and Orientation at SFU
May 18 Study in France
July 13 End of Program 
*These dates are provided as guidelines and are subject to change.
Information Sessions
Students are encouraged to attend an information session. Students will have an opportunity to meet the Field School Director and learn additional details about the destination and program.
Please email fieldschools@sfu.ca for more information. 

Application Deadline: February 4, 2019