Lisa King
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I am going to provide you with a sample list that will help you pack properly for this amazing adventure.

I studied abroad in Colombia for two weeks and had to plan for two completely different climate zones. Our field school started in the high altitude capital city of Bogota and continued down to the tropical rainforest of the Amazon. Luckily we were able to leave half our gear in Bogota and pick it up upon our return.

The Essentials

Shots: Talk to your travel clinic at least six months prior to your trip and find out what is needed for the zones you will be entering. I needed malaria pills and a yellow fever shot. Some people react negatively to treatment so be aware of the possible side effects.

Identification and Mo...

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Andrea de Bruyns, University of Victoria
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This semester I will be going on an international exchange through the University of Victoria to the Madrid, Spain where I will attend the University of Alcalá. I will live in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares for five months while I am attending school. I am so excited to embark on this amazing journey where I will experience a new culture, language and way of living. With this incredible opportunity I have been given I hope to be able to immerse myself in Spanish culture and also be able to explore other parts of Europe. I am also looking forward to creating a network of international and local friends while I am on my exchange in Madrid. On my journey I will meet so many other students coming from other parts of the world as well as the local Spanish students. I look forward to expanding m...

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British Columbia’s Ministry of Education has just announced that applications are now open for new International Education awards and scholarships. The awards and scholarships promote the development of intercultural knowledge and understanding in support of BC’s new education curriculum and contribute to the goals of the British Columbia International Education Strategy, increasing the two-way flow of students, teachers and ideas between British Columbia and the world.

The new awards and scholarships include funding for groups of British Columbia students and for individual teachers to study abroad, and for British Columbia...

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Brendon Dawson
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Adjusting to life in China has been a constant learning experience, like the ebb and flow of the tide, at times the waves of struggle can be endless. I have found that to successfully integrate and succeed here I have had to change the ways that I relax and enjoy myself in this new environment. I grew up on the water in British Columbia and have a deep love of nature, hiking, and exposing myself to the outdoors. This was how I found serenity and peace in my active life.  Some of my biggest struggles in China were due to my inability to find this same peace that I could cultivate at home which forced me to find other avenues.

China is a source of constant stimulation, the amount of activity and goings on can be endless yet the beauty of the city of Shanghai in some ways in unparalleled. I a...

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